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Jazz Room

The Jazz Room is located in Pensacola Library and houses a curated selection of approximately 1500 books, CDs and movies about the history, performance and culture of jazz in its many forms.  Other special features of the room include a listening station where patrons can sample a variety of jazz styles, music books with play-along CDs and jazz-related artwork donated by library users.

The completion of the Jazz Room was the final step in the 2011-2013 renovation and expansion of Pensacola Library and is the culmination of a long-standing partnership between the Jazz Pensacola and West Florida Public Libraries.  

You can read the current and past Jazz Society newsletters including the archives at: Newsletter Archives - Jazz Pensacola  

The installation of the Jazz Room was made possible by a generous donation from Dr. Ralph Knowles in memory of his wife, Janet.  Special thanks to Dr. Knowles, Dr. Rovena Hillsman and Ms. Cay Simpson for their donations of original art.
Jazz Room Records