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West Florida Public Libraries / Borrow / Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need my library card to check out materials?

Yes. Patrons must present their library card to check out items or use meeting rooms.

Can I use my library card at all West Florida Public Libraries locations?

Yes, West Florida Public Library cards may be used at any West Florida Public Libraries location.

What if I lost my card or it was stolen?

Free replacement cards once a year. After first replacement card, cards are issued at a cost of $1 with proper ID. Patrons are responsible for any items checked out on their card prior to the card being reported as lost or stolen.

Can I use my mother’s/father’s/aunt’s/etc. library card?

No. Library cards are not transferable and are not to be used by others. This policy ensures patrons’ confidentiality and expedites service. The only exceptions are the following:

  • Homebound cardholders may designate someone to use their card to check out materials for them.
  • A parent of a minor child may use the minor’s card to check out materials for the child.       

How do I get a card for my child?

Children (0-12) and youth (13-17) may apply for a library card when their parent or legal guardian (with proper ID) accompanies them to the library. Card options include a regular access fine-accruing card or a limited-access Student Card.

May I get a card if I do not live in Escambia County?

Non-resident cards are available for Santa Rosa County residents who do not qualify for a free card. Non-resident cards are available for an annual fee of $50.

How much do library cards cost?

Most library card options are free. Santa Rosa County residents who do not qualify for a free card may elect to receive a non-resident card for an annual fee of $50.

What if I forget my library card?

Patrons may check out materials by presenting picture ID if they have forgotten their card.

What if I am just visiting and want to use the public computer?

Computer guest passes are issued to visitors who are interested in public computer use only. This pass is FREE and is good for one day.

How many items may I check out?

  • Up to 15 physical books
  • Up to 4 books on CD
  • Up to 4 music CDs
  • Up to 4 DVDs/ Blu-Rays
  • Up to 4 Children's Voice Books (i.e., Vox Books and Wonderbooks)
  • Up to 1 Launchpad
  • Up to 1 Library of Things

How many times can I renew an item?

All library materials may be renewed a maximum of two times, as long as no other requests have been placed on the item.

Can I call and renew my items?

Items may be renewed by phone, over the web or in person as long as the item is eligible to be renewed. Interlibrary Loan items cannot be renewed.

How do I access my account online?

Once you are in the WFPL online catalogue, look for the “Log In” button on the top right side of the page. Click the “Log In” button, enter your 13-digit library card number and your pin (usually the last four digits of the phone number on your library card registration).

Is there a cost to check out items?

All items are free to check out with a library card, but late fees will be incurred for overdue items.

How much are fines and fees?

Overdue books, books on CD, music CDs, 7-Day books, DVDs and Blu-Rays are charged 20 cents per day, up to a maximum of $7 per item.

How do I request an item?

A cardholder may request any circulating library item by visiting any library location or by visiting the library’s website. However, the library does not guarantee the availability of requested items.

Will I be notified when my items are ready to be picked up?

Yes. Patrons will be notified when their requested items are ready for pickup.     

How long will my items be held?

Requested items (including Interlibrary Loan items) will be held for five days from notification.

How many holds can I request?

The maximum number of holds requested on a library card is 15.

What happens if I lose an item?

Cardholders are responsible for paying the replacement cost of items not returned, including a $5 nonrefundable processing fee.

I found my lost item, can I get a refund?

A cardholder who pays for and then returns a lost item may request a refund within 30 days of the payment date. Patrons must present their payment receipt in order to receive a refund. The $5 processing fee is not refundable.

What happens if I damage an item?

Library items damaged while in a cardholder’s possession will be billed to the cardholder as follows:



Missing CD/DVD case


CD replacement


Items lost or damaged beyond repair (wet print items, warped or severely scratched CDs & DVDs, items with pages torn out, etc.)

Retail cost + $5 nonrefundable processing fee

If you have any additional questions about getting a card and borrowing items, please call the Circulation Department at 850-436-5060.