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West Florida Public Libraries / Borrow / Talking Books/Braille

Talking Books for the Blind and Handicapped

Talking Books

As a Subregional Talking Book Library, West Florida Public Libraries offers a free service by mail to blind and physically handicapped adults and children who have difficulty reading ordinary print, holding or turning the pages of a book.

What are talking books? Talking books are books that have been digitally recorded on flash drives for those who are unable to use standard print as the result of visual, physical or reading disabilities.

How are talking books different than books on CD or audiobooks? Talking books use special machines that make it easy for those who are blind and/or handicapped. Additionally, talking books are mailed and returned for free to registered applicants.

Who is eligible? Adults or children who have difficulty reading printed materials due to learning disabilities or visual or physical limitations. The qualifying condition may be temporary or permanent.

What does the service cost? Nothing! Talking books is a free service. Postage to receive and return the books and machines is also free.

Do I need any special equipment to play talking books? No, all equipment necessary to play the talking books is provided at no charge.

What type of books are available? Readers may choose among recent best sellers, westerns, classic novels, romances, mysteries and a large variety of nonfiction subjects such as history, politics, science, biographies and cookbooks. Children’s books are also available.

How do I apply for talking books? Download, fill out an application, and send completed application to Pensacola Library (239 N. Spring St. Pensacola, FL). Paper applications are available at any West Florida Public Libraries location. Questions? Call 850-471-6000 or visit Pensacola Library Monday-Friday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. or email us any time at