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Mission & Vision


The vision of the West Florida Public Libraries is to be a destination which serves as a civic space encompassing the roles of a public library, cultural center and a community gathering spot. The library exists to be an essential community institution serving both individual and societal needs while promoting the development of self-confident and literate citizens through the provision of open access to informational resources. It is a safe, friendly place where people can connect socially and intellectually, allowing people of all ages, backgrounds and lifestyles to live more fulfilled and productive lives.


The mission of the West Florida Public Libraries is to act as the community’s independent learning center for residents of all ages who live in Escambia County. The library strives to meet the informational, recreational and educational needs of the community by providing free access to reading, audio-visual materials and serving as an information portal offering public computing, database and internet access technology. Our libraries serve all of Escambia County by providing free and open access to information and enrich, empower and inform citizens by providing educational and recreational resources and experiences for citizens. Programming and resources support school readiness, lifelong learning, research and development and help improve quality of life for local residents.