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West Florida Public Libraries / Borrow / Lost and Damaged Materials

Lost and Damaged Materials

Lost Items

Cardholders are responsible for the replacement cost of items not return including a $5 nonrefundable processing fee.

What if I found the item?

A cardholder who pays for and then returns a lost item may request a refund within 30 days of the payment date. Patrons must present their payment receipt in order to receive a refund. The $5 processing fee is not refundable.


Damaged Materials

Library items damaged while in a cardholder’s possession will be billed to the cardholder as follows:



Tears and/or marks on pages (crayon, ink, etc.)


Hanging plastic bay


CD/DVD case


CD replacement


Damage beyond repair (wet print items, warped or severely scratched CDs & DVDs, items with pages torn out, etc.)

Replacement cost + $5 non-refundable processing fee


West Florida Public Libraries assume no responsibility for damage or alleged damage to a borrower’s electronic device caused by library materials.