InterLibrary Loan Policy

Section 1 – General

1.1) West Florida Public Library’s (WFPL) Interlibrary Loan Service (ILL) offers library cardholders in good standing the ability to request items not owned by our library system from other libraries around the state and across the continental U.S.

Section 2 – Requesting Items

2.1) ILL requests (with the exception of photocopy and microfilm requests) may be made electronically from home or at any WFPL location using the ILL interface on the library’s website. Requests may also be submitted on a paper form that is available at each library location.

2.2) Because of copyright restrictions, photocopy and microfilm requests must be submitted on a signed photocopy/microfilm form. This form is available at each library location and can be downloaded from the library’s website.

2.3) Patrons may submit a total of 5 new requests during a 30 day-time frame. Special circumstances may require a change in the number of new requests allowed.  

2.4) Most requests can be picked up at the Pensacola Library or any circulating branch of the patron’s choice. Some materials may not be available for check-out and will be designated as “In Library Use Only.” Microfilm may be viewed only at the Genealogy Branch and is designated “In Library Use Only.”

2.5) The following items may not be requested through ILL:

  1. Items that are owned or are currently on order by WFPL
  2. Items that have been published in the last 6 months
  3. Textbooks
  4. E-books and e-audiobooks
  5. DVDs and videos

2.6) Each lending library determines whether a borrower’s fee will be assessed for an item or request. Patrons will be notified by the ILL Department if such a fee is assessed, and the fee must be paid before the request is processed.

Section 3 – Loan Periods and Overdue Fines

3.1) Loan Periods

  1. WFPL is unable to guarantee if and/or when an ILL request will be delivered. Patrons will be notified by the ILL department if a request is unable to be filled. (Average wait time is 3 weeks—wait time can exceed 8 weeks.)
  2. Each lending library determines the loan period of an item; therefore, WFPL is unable to guarantee the length of the check-out period for an ILL request. (Average check-out time is 3 weeks.) Patrons will be notified when an item is available.
  3. Each lending library determines whether an item can be renewed. Patrons must contact the ILL Department in order to determine whether an item is renewable. (Renewals may not be made online, nor are circulation staff able to renew.)
  4. ILL items that are not picked up by the due date will be returned to the lending library. Photocopies that are not picked up within 4 weeks will be discarded. Patrons are encouraged to call the ILL Department if they are unable to pick up an ILL request within the specified time limit.

3.2) Overdue Fines

  1. ILL items that are not returned by their assigned due date will incur overdue fines in accordance with WFPL’s policies and as determined by the lending library.
  2. ILL items may be returned to circulation staff at any WFPL circulating location regardless of where the items were originally checked out. To ensure the library has received returned ILL materials, items should not be placed in a bookdrop nor the attached paperwork removed.

Section 4 – Lost and Damaged Items

4.1) Patrons are responsible for the damage, replacement cost, and processing fee of any ILL items that are lost, damaged, or stolen in accordance with WFPL’s policies and as determined by the lending library.

Section 5 – ILL Services

5.1) Interlibrary loan is a courtesy provided to libraries by other libraries. This service is based on protocols and good will. Continuous disregard of due dates and/or failure to pick up requested items may result in the loss of ILL privileges for the patron.

Approved by West Florida Public Libraries Board of Governance 08/11/2014