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Circulation Policy

Part A: Registration

Section 1: General

1.1 The West Florida Public Library issues library cards to all eligible individuals without regard to race, national origin, color, religion, sex, economic status, disability, age, sexual orientation, marital status, or genetic/health status.

1.2 All registration and circulation records, except statistical reports of registration and circulation, are kept confidential from public records disclosure, in accordance with Section 257.261, Florida Statutes.

1.3 Library cards are not transferable and may not be used by others. This policy ensures patrons’ confidentiality and expedites service. The only exceptions are the following:

  • Homebound cardholders may designate someone to use their card to check out materials for them.

  • A parent of a minor child may use the minor’s card to check out materials for the child.

Patrons must present their library card to use all library services.

Section 2: Library Cards

2.1 Resident Library Cards (Two Years) – Patron must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Live in or own property in Escambia County.

  • Own a business in Escambia County.

  • Work for the City of Pensacola, Town of Century, or Escambia County.

 Short-term Library Cards (One Year) – Patron must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Employed at a public or private school in Escambia County.

  • Member of the military and works at a military base in Escambia County.

  • Attends any public or private school in Escambia County and can provide a current class schedule or school Identification.



2.3 Short-term Library Cards (Three Months) – Patron must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Resides in a treatment or rehabilitation program in Escambia County and can provide an official letter verifying his or her address.

  • Lives in an Escambia County shelter or an extended stay accommodation and can provide an official letter from the organization verifying his or her address.



2.4 Short-term Library Cards (Lease Period) – Patron must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Visiting Escambia County for three (3) or more weeks and can provide a lease agreement. Card expires at the end of the lease period.



2.5 Non-resident library cards are available for an annual fee of $50.00per non-resident.

2.6 Library patrons are responsible for all items checked out on their card.

  • If the card is lost or stolen, notify the library immediately.

  • Patrons are responsible for any items checked out on their card prior to the card being reported lost or stolen.

  • A patron may receive one replacement card per year. After the first replacement card, cards are reissued at a cost of $1.00 each, with proper identification. This replacement policy and fee applies to all library cards, including student library cards.


2.7 Parents or legal guardians are responsible for all items, fines, and charges on the cards of their minor children.

2.8 As a courtesy to visitors who do not have a West Florida Public Libraries issued library card and who are interested in public computer use only, the library can issue a Computer Guest Pass.

Section 3: Student Library Cards

3.1 To ensure students always have access to our electronic resources, the West Florida Public Libraries offer Student library cards for the students of Escambia County Public Schools, Escambia County Homeschoolers, and other Escambia County K-12 educational institutions that wish to partner with us.

  • Checkout limit to three (3) books (includes print and audio).

  • No application and no parent/guardian signature required.

  • No fines or fees are charged.

  • Students may also possess a juvenile resident card with parent/guardian signature for expanded materials access, but with our standard fine and fee structure.

  • Items returned that are damaged beyond repair will result in a reduction in the number of items allowed.


  • Student Library cards can be used to ride Escambia County Area Transit (ECAT) for free.


Section 4: Getting a Library Card

4.1 Adults (age 18+) and youth (ages 13-17) may apply for a library card by:


  • Completing a library card application, andproviding a valid photo ID with their current physical address, such as a Florida Driver’s License or Florida Identification Card.


4.2 Youth (ages 13-17) and juveniles (ages 0-12) may apply for a library card when their parent or legal guardian (with proper ID) accompanies them to the library. Age may restrict access to particular library resources.

Part B: Borrowing

Section 1: Physical Library Material Limit

1.1 Patrons may check out the following number of items, per visit:

  • Up to 15 physical books;

  • Up to 4 books on CD;

  • Up to 4 Music CDs;

  • Up to 4 DVDs (age restrictions may apply)

  • Up to 1 Launchpad; and

  • Up to 4 Children’s voice books (i.e., VOX books and Wonderbooks)


Section 2: Loan Periods and Overdue Fines

Loan Period Table

Library Materials

Loan Period

Overdue Fines

Books,Compact Discs (Music and Audiobooks)


$0.20 per day/$7.00max

7-Day BooksandDVDs



$0.20 per day/$7.00 max

Our Wandering Library



$0.20 per day/$7.00 max

Interlibrary Loans


Varies per Lender

See ILL Policy

eResources(i.e., eBooks)


Variesper Vendor

No Fines

2.2 Renewals - All library materials may be renewed a maximum of two (2) times, as long as no other requests have been placed on the item.

2.3 Card Balance - A balance of $30.00 or more on a library card prevents renewals, additional checkouts, and public computer use. Patrons may pay their fees online or in person at any library location.

2.4 Overdue notices are a courtesy to our patrons and are not required by law. Patrons may check the status of their borrowed materials at any time on the library’s website.

Section 3: Lost and Damaged Materials

3.1 Library items damaged while in a cardholder’s possession will be billed to the cardholder as follows:




Missing CD/DVD Case



Missing Audiobook CD or case



Items damaged beyond repair, i.e. wet or stained items, severely scratched CDs & DVDs, items with pages torn out, etc.


Retail price + $5.00non-refundable processing fee


3.2 A cardholder who pays for and then returns a lost item may request a refund within thirty (30) days of the payment date. The $5.00 processing fee is not refundable.

3.3 The library assumes no responsibility for damage or alleged damage to a borrower’s electronic device caused by library materials.

Section 4: Requesting Items

4.1 A cardholder may request any circulating library item by visiting any library location or by visiting the library’s website.

4.2 Patronswill be notified when their requested items are ready for pickup. Requested items will be held for five (5) days.

4.3 The library does not guarantee the availability of requested items.

4.4 The maximum number of simultaneous holds requested on a library card is fifteen (15).

Revised and approved on 8/23/2021 by the West Florida Public Libraries Board of Governance. 

Reviewed and approved on July 27, 2020 by the West Florida Public Libraries Board of Governance.