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Exhibit Policy 

The West Florida Public Library (WFPL) provides space for exhibits that support its mission.  WFPL strives to include a wide spectrum of opinions and viewpoints in library-initiated displays and exhibits, as well as offer displays and exhibits that appeal to a range of ages, interests, and information needs. Acceptance of a display or exhibit topic by WFPL does not constitute an endorsement of the content of the display or exhibit, or of the views expressed in materials on display.


WFPL, Escambia County, or other city, state, or federal government exhibits take precedence over the public's request to use such areas.


Library exhibit spaces are not to be used by commercial businesses to make a profit or solicit customers in any way.  Exhibit spaces may be used by nonprofit educational or community organizations or groups for educational, cultural, intellectual, or governmental presentations.  The use of exhibit spaces are free.


Exhibitors must follow these guidelines:

  • A completed and signed Exhibit Loan Agreement and Release of Liability must be submitted.  Loan Agreements do not guarantee a reservation.  Following review, a written confirmation or declination will be sent from WFPL.   


  • The exhibitor is responsible for the installation and dismantling of the display during library operational hours. All artwork and collections must be “ready to hang,” or “ready to place”— i.e., matted and framed (if applicable) and identified as appropriate to the pieces. Artwork or collections must be of an appropriate size and quantity to fill the exhibit space.


  • Each exhibitor must provide a detailed description including the exact number of items for display, date and country of origin, and other descriptive information necessary for identification of the item. The exhibitor, working with the appropriate library staff, must sign again when the display is dismantled, verifying that all materials have been returned.


  • Exhibits will be given reasonable care and protection within the limits of the usual operation of each library.  WFPL is not responsible for the theft or damage to items on exhibit, nor does it provide security or insurance to protect them. Security and insurance are the sole responsibility of the exhibitor and the Library reserves the right to require indemnification from an exhibitor. It is recommended that the exhibitor obtain his/her own insurance coverage in regards to the exhibits.


  • The Library reserves the right to determine how all exhibits are arranged. Exhibitors are responsible for hanging their own work and for providing all necessary materials for organizing an exhibit once approved by the Library. Each exhibit must be accompanied by a sign stating the name of the exhibiting artist(s)/collector(s) (or the group and institution to which they belong) and state that the library does not sponsor or endorse the artwork or collection. 


  • Exhibitors causing damage from exhibiting works will be billed for repairs as the library determine necessary. Wall hangings will only be approved at locations with equipment designed for this purpose or if the exhibitor provides an acceptable alternative.


  • Exhibits may be scheduled for up to one month within a 12 month period. If exhibits are not removed by the end of the exhibition period, the Library has the right to remove the exhibit if necessary to make the space available to the next exhibitor. The Library may dispose of these items at its discretion.


  • Publicity is the responsibility of the exhibitor, although the Library may include publicity for an exhibit on its website, social media, etc. Any publicity, signage or written material provided by the exhibitor to accompany an exhibit must be approved by the Library Director or their designee.


  • WFPL will not facilitate the sale of artwork or collections. Prices may not be affixed to any materials on display.   


  • Abuse of the facilities, violation of the Exhibit policy, or failure to comply with the decorum consistent with the Patron Rights and Responsibilities Policy may result in denial of future use.


  • The Library will not accept displays, exhibits, etc. which are judged illegal, offensive or inappropriate for a public library setting (i.e. one that is free and open to persons of all ages).


  • The Library reserves the right to require the exhibit to be removed or to cancel any exhibit should unforeseen conditions or situations arise.


  • Displays and exhibits will be approved and scheduled as space permits.


  • The Library has the right to review the materials before the exhibit is set up.


  • The Library Director and/or delegated designee has sole authority and discretion for approving the use of exhibit space.


  • To ensure equal opportunity for all, the WFPL reserves the right to limit the number of times an individual exhibitor’s materials are on display in a given year.


  • All artwork and collections must meet existing State and Federal laws on obscenity, libel, defamation of character, or invasion of privacy. In addition, material that threatens violence or intimidation of any individual or group will not be displayed.


  • WFPL will remove any materials violating these policies from the exhibit space immediately and will not be responsible for the storage or condition of any materials removed.


  • Conditions or provisions in this policy can only be waived or altered by written mutual agreement of the authorizing personnel and the exhibitor.


     Adopted and approved by the West Florida Public Libraries Board of Governance on 12/12/2022.