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Frequently Asked Questions 

What types of identification are accepted?

  • Valid Florida or out-of-state driver’s license
  • Florida state photo ID
  • Valid passport
  • Student or work ID

What if I lost my card?

     Cards may be replaced for a fee of $3.00.

May I get a card if I do not live in Escambia County?

  • Non-resident cards are available to those who live outside Escambia County and do not qualify for a free card.
  • Non-resident cards are available for an annual fee of $50.

What if I am staying in Escambia County for a period of time?        

Short-term library cards are available at no charge to those who…

  • Are employed at a public or private school in Escambia County (card expires in one year)
  • Are in the military and work at a military base in Escambia County (card expires in one year)
  • Attend any public or private school in Escambia County and can provide a current class schedule or school ID (card expires at the end of each semester)
  • Are visiting Escambia County for 3 or more weeks and can provide a lease agreement (card expires at the end of the lease period)
  • Are in a treatment program in Escambia County and can provide an official letter verifying his or her address (card expires in three months)
  • Are living in an Escambia County shelter and can provide an official letter from the shelter verifying his or her address (card expires in three months)


How do I get a card for my child?

Children (0-12) and Youths (13-17) may apply for a library card when their parent or legal guardian (with proper ID) accompanies them to the library.                


What do I need to know about my library card?

  • Present your card each time materials are borrowed.
  • WFPL cards may be used at any West Florida Public Libraries location.
  • Each time a card is renewed, personal information will be updated and all fines and fees are to be paid in full.

How many items may I check out?

  • Up to 15 books
  • Up to 4 books on CD
  • Up to 4 music CDs
  • Up to 4 DVDs
  • Up to 8 magazines

How much are fines and fees?

Item Type
Days on Loan
Overdue Fines
Books and Magazines
20 cents per day / $7 max
7-Day Books
20 cents per day / $7 max
CDs (Music & Audiobooks)
20 cents per day / $7 max
20 cents per day / $7 max
InterLibrary Loans
Varies by Lender


For questions about borrowing items, please call the Circulation Department at 850-436-5060

To view the complete Circulation Policy, Registration Policy and other library policies, click here.