Meeting Room Use

West Florida Public Libraries provides meeting rooms at its facilities for use by community groups when library activities are not occupying the rooms. Any group may use the rooms for lawful non-commercial purposes.

Reservations: Booking of the meeting rooms is on a first come first served basis and library use takes precedence. Use of the meeting rooms needs to be arranged before hand with the Community Relations Office in the case of the Pensacola Library or with the Branch Supervisors of the different branches. Please allow two weeks for your application to be processed.

Each group must fill out a Meeting Room Reservation Application form and provide name and address of a contact person for the group. Any one group is limited to a maximum of six meetings per six-month period. Recurring reservations will be accepted for up to six months and must then be renewed to remain in force.

Meeting Times: Meetings may not begin before the library opens for normal business. Meetings cannot be held on days that the library is closed.

Fees: No fees are charged for the use of library meeting rooms. Groups may restrict meetings to their own membership. Groups may not charge admission to programs. However, groups may charge for items such as instructional materials or supplies that are necessary to participate in the program.

User Responsibilities: Groups are responsible for leaving meeting rooms in order. If a particular configuration of tables and chairs is required, users are responsible for setting up and returning furniture to the proper locations within the room. Lights and equipment are to be turned off.

Audio-Visual Equipment: A/V equipment may be used in the meeting rooms. If unfamiliar with the operation of the equipment, users are requested to meet beforehand with library staff to be instructed in the safe use of the equipment. Users are requested to notify library staff if equipment is not functioning properly.

Refreshments: The serving of light refreshments is permitted. However, groups must bring their own serving supplies and will not have access to a kitchen. Users shall deposit trash in an appropriate container. No alcoholic beverages are allowed.

Code of Conduct: Users of any of the meeting rooms are required to comply with the following rules of conduct:

  • Adult supervision is required when children are using the room.

  • Normal operation of the library is not to be disrupted by users of the meeting rooms.

  • If the meeting or activity for which the room has been booked is cancelled, the contact person for the group is requested to notify library staff so that others may use the room.

  • Groups may not exceed the capacity of the meeting rooms.

  • Meeting rooms must be left in a state of order and cleanliness.

  • Meeting rooms may not be used for commercial purposes.

  • Materials are not to be attached to walls, windows, doors, or furnishings except at the direction of authorized library staff.

  • No promotional or informational materials may be left in the meeting room or library by any meeting room user.

Repeated violations of this policy will result in cancellation of meeting room privileges.

Adopted April, 2001